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  • Javier Solana , Project Syndicate - October 19, 2016

    Syria’s Darkest Hour

    The conflict in Syria becomes more complex every day that it continues, and the country’s prospects have gotten only worse. The daily horrors that Aleppo’s besieged citizens are now experiencing mark a new low point, following the collapse of the...
  • Javier Solana and Strobe Talbott , The New York Times - October 19, 2016

    The Decline of the West, and How to Stop It

    For most of the last 70 years, the United States, Canada and much of Europe have constituted a vast zone of peace, prosperity and democracy. The trans-Atlantic community has grown to over 900 million inhabitants of more than 30 countries....
  • Javier Solana , El País - September 28, 2016

    Hacia una seguridad europea efectiva

    La dicotomía entre seguriad exterior e interior está superada. En los nuevos escenarios, la actuación militar sigue siendo necesaria pero hay que incluir una perspectiva civil y crear un cuartel general estratégico para las operaciones de la UE....
  • Javier Solana , Project Syndicate - September 20, 2016

    European Defense Integration Now

    During the European Union’s recent Bratislava summit, the first to take place without a British presence, several proposals to improve European security were made. Though some may argue otherwise, discussions on improved European security are both wise and necessary: after...
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Blog de Javier Solana

Blog de Javier Solana

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