• Javier Solana , El País - October 23, 2017

    La soberanía que de verdad importa

    En su famoso “trilema político de la economía mundial”, el economista de Harvard Dani Rodrik expone un problema irresoluble: la integración económica global, el Estado-nación y la democracia son tres elementos que no pueden darse simultáneamente en su máxima expresión....
  • Javier Solana , Project Syndicate - October 23, 2017

    The Sovereignty that Really Matters

    The preference of some countries to isolate themselves within their borders is anachronistic and self-defeating, but it would be a serious mistake for others, fearing contagion, to respond by imposing strict isolation. Even in states that have succumbed to reductionist...
  • Angel Saz-Carranza , BBC - October 20, 2017

    Catalonia Independence Crisis

    Interview with Angel Saz-Carranza, ESADEgeo's Director....
  • Angel Saz-Carranza , Global Policy - October 19, 2017

    Barcelona/EU: Dysfunctional Multilevel Governance

    The Catalan crisis has caught Europe by surprise. Some in Madrid may also have been unprepared. Yet most Catalans – regardless of their views on independence – were not startled at all. Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia (a region demographically...
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