• Javier Solana , The New York Times - September 29, 2017

    Catalonia's Drive to Vote on Independence

    The referendum on independence planned for Sunday in Catalonia, Spain, is about more than a people’s wish for self-government. It threatens the very democracy and the rule of law that Spain insisted upon after the decades-long dictatorship of Gen. Francisco...
  • Javier Solana , Project Syndicate - September 20, 2017

    The Global Leadership Vacuum

    Will Angela Merkel’s Germany ensure that great-power cooperation does not deteriorate beyond the point of no return in the Trump era? The answer to that question will likely determine if the international order has any order to speak of in...
  • Javier Solana , El País - September 3, 2017

    Nikola Tesla y su legado balcánico

    Para ilustrar la complejidad de los Balcanes, qué mejor que recordar a uno de sus hijos pródigos: el físico e inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). Nacido en una localidad perteneciente hoy en día a Croacia, pero en el seno de una...
  • Javier Solana , Project Syndicate - August 28, 2017

    The Balkans Between Competing Poles

    Few world regions are more culturally and politically complex than the Balkans. And there may be no clearer illustration of the region’s freighted past and present than the life and legacy of one of its exceptional sons: the physicist and...
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