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Become the benchmark, among Business Schools, for studying globalization and organizations.




Provide organizations with the necessary tools to organize and strategize in a globalized world.



ESADEgeo Annual Report.
ESADEgeo's Areas of Focus.

Global Governance

ESADEgeo’s global governance research pillar aims to deepen the understanding of the dynamics at play in today’s global governance. In identifying areas where global order exists and analysing how its governance mechanisms work and why they emerge and are sustained, we endeavour to examine how these mechanisms can reach their maximum effectiveness. Our focus is on the formal institutions of global governance, specifically international governmental organisations (IGOs). Our efforts are currently concentrated on the quantitative analysis of an original IGO database – under construction – and the mapping of several dimensions of IGO institutional design.

Global Risks

ESADEgeo’s Global Risks Programme (GRP) aims to become an international benchmark for the study of risks arising from the interaction of global economic and geopolitical trends. It acts as a convener of experts from the business, government, academic and think-tank community. It produces and commissions world-class research and publications in the field: And it is a central node in a network of organisations devoted to the early diagnosis, assessment and mitigation of global risks impacting the public and private sectors.

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