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  • Daniel Innerarity / Miquel Seguró - Capítulo por Javier Solana
    ¿Dónde vas Europa?
    El libro que han compilado los filósofos Miquel Seguró y Daniel Innerarity reúne 18 breves ensayos de diferentes autores: filósofos, sociólogos, periodistas, algún politólogo y político, un cardenal de la Iglesia, etc. Todos ellos aportan su visión de alguna cuestión europea con absoluta libertad de trat... [read more]
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  • December 31, 2017-ESADEgeo
    Why Are We Waiting? The Logic, Urgency and Promise of Tackling Climate Change
    The people of the world are gambling for colossal stakes. Two centuries of scientific enquiry, founded in basic physics and powerful evidence, indicate that the risks from a changing climate over the next two hundred years and beyond are immense. There is a strong possibility that the environment will be so fundamentally changed that hundreds of millions of people, perhaps billions, will have no choice but to move. History tells us that this creates serious risks of severe and extended conflict. In Nicholas Stern's opinion, we are the first generation that could destroy the relationship between humans and the planet through its neglect, and perhaps the last generation that can prevent dangerous climate change. On the other hand, we are constantly discovering new ways of managing the production and consumption of energy, of organizing cities, and of using land productively, with the aid of new technologies and smarter processes. These methods prove that economic growth, development, mitigation and adaptation to climate change can go hand in hand. They also reveal that the portrayal of climate action as being in inexorable conflict with growth, poverty reduction and radical improvements in human well-being is completely false. In Stern's opinion, there is much that each country can do now that is in its own interests, and now is a critical time to make this transition. The challenge we face is to create the necessary policies and frameworks that will encourage the investments required. It will be essential that those who make and influence climate policy have a strong understanding of why action is necessary, why now, what form it could take, and what it would deliver – and this understanding is the core objective of this book. 
  • November 30, 2017-ESADEgeo
    Easternisation: War and Peace in the Asian Century
    Western dominance in international politics is coming to an end. Wealth and power are shifting from the West to the East and a new era of global instability has begun. According to Gideon Rachman, 'Easternisation' is the dynamic which defines our age. The growing wealth of Asian countries is transforming the balance of power, and this turn towards the East is affecting the lives of people in every corner of the world, the destiny of nations, and key peace and security issues. An emerging China, albeit with problems, is challenging the supremacy of the United States and the ambitions of other Asian powers (including Japan, North Korea, India and Pakistan), and it clearly has the potential to shake the whole world. In the meantime, the West is still struggling to overcome the economic crisis and political populism, the US is grappling with foreign policy issues in the new situation, the Arab world is in a state of flux, and Russia is aspiring to reclaim its status as a superpower. In sum, we find ourselves at a decisive moment in history. In this context, Gideon Rachman aims to explain the dynamics and the implications of the most defining dynamic of our time: Easternisation.