• Informative Breakfast of the Forum of the New Economy
    Informative Breakfast of the Forum of the New Economy, organised by New Economy Forum with the sponsorship of TEDAE. Held by Jorge Domecq, Spanish diplomat who is the former ambassador of Spain to the Philippines, and since February 2015, new European Defence Agency Chief Executive The director of the European Defense Agency, Jorge Domecq, said at a conference at the New Economy Forum, that Europe is at a "decisive and defining moment" to create a defense "with strategic autonomy, without entering into competition with the NATO". Presented by Javier Solana, former High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, former Secretary General of NATO and former minister with PSOE governments, Domecq has indicated that in the coming years the EU is faced with achieving a new generation of cars and combat aircraft, and has invited Spain to join the fleet of refueling aircraft created by the European consortium[read more]
  • Understanding Violence in the Middle East and Africa
    This event launched LSE’s new Conflict Research Programme funded by the UK’s Department for International Development. The CRP aimed to understand why contemporary violence is so difficult to end and to analyse the underlying political economy of violence with a view to informing policy, with a special focus on Iraq, Syria, South Sudan, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Members of the research team will present their ideas and initial findings to Javier Solana, the former foreign policy chief of the European Union. [read more]
  • Facing Putin’s New Presidential Term
    Leading Russian, European and American experts participated in this conference organized by CIDOB (Barcelona Center for International Affairs) in collaboration with the Jamestown Foundation and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES). Among the participants were Jordi Bacaria, director of CIDOB, Chris Donnelly, director of The Institute for Statecraft, London; Glen Howard, President of The Jamestown Foundation, Washington and Javier Solana, president of ESADEgeo, who made the closing remarks. Vladimir Putin renewed his term as president of Russia until 2024. The elections, beyond feeling the pulse of popular support for the Russian leader, will be a mere formality. However, there are serious uncertainties about the changes that the Kremlin can introduce in domestic politics and in the Russian foreign agenda and, with them, its impact on NATO, the EU and the disputed Eastern and Southern Neighborhood.  [read more]