MEKBiz - About.
Mainstreaming EU Knowledge in Business Studies and Strategy

Funded by the European Commission and hosted by ESADE business school, Mainstreaming EU Knowledge in Business Studies and Strategy (MEKBiz) is a one-year, multi-phased and multi-dimensional project which aims to promote discussion, research, and teaching on EU issues. The project is part of the Commission's Jean Monnet Program within Erasmus+.


MEKBiz brings together 20 international experts who focus on ESADEgeo’s four specific specializations (Global Governance, Global Political Risk, Global Economy, and EU-China Business Relations) to reflect and develop innovative research about the EU context and strategies for European businesses given their position within the Union and as players in a globalizing world.


The analysis culminates in a twelve-chapter E-book with the first chapter written by Javier Solana, Former European Union High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy.


In collaboration with ESADE’s teaching programs, the experts honed innovative academic content and tools developed from their research. These materials will be made available as open access educational resources to be used by other EU teaching institutions.


The outputs developed in this project (a research E-book, teaching sessions, and a collection of innovative teaching resources) aim to benefit both students—who will gain practical knowledge to improve their employability—and EU businesses in search of strategies to operate within the changing, globalized world.